My Quarantine Stack 3/30/20

AKA a thinly-veiled test of Substack embedding and other link stuff.

I’ve been on work from home guidance (Seattle-based) since Thursday, March 5th. I escaped back home to Florida on Sunday, March 8th. Today is March 30th. Here are some things:

What I’m reading:

The Lean Startup - Framework for running efficient and high growth companies with the freedom to continuously experiment. I bookmarked so many sections, and have way too many phone reminders to comb through with ideas that came to mind while reading/listening to this. This book made my Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale flight without seatback TVs enjoyable.

Secrets of Sand Hill Road - Just started this one, super interested for this deep-dive into venture capital. I can pretend to know what I’m talking about even more once I finish this.

But I’m actually just using Audible for everything, so I’m not that big of a reader.

Morning Brew - Quick scroll through daily news with an approachable and consumable vibe.

Twitter - This site is free. I think I found VC Twitter which is all of the drama I need until sports comes back.

What I’m Listening to:

New music in a quarantine!

Other music I’ve recently liked on Spotify:


Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz - A South Florida sports show that thrives when they’re not talking about sports. My favorite show right now. #lour

Pardon My Take - A hilarious, satirical sports show from Barstool. Recent guests include Dr. Anthony Fauci and Lavar Ball. It’s on the Mount Rushmore of podcasts.

Robinhood Snacks Daily - 10-15 minutes of business news snacks. Quickly became “must listen” for me every day. TBOY.

What I’m watching:

This Week in Startups - Each episode has also become “must listen” for me as well. It’s like a business crash course hearing from VCs, founders, journalists and others. I prefer watching on YouTube vs listening over podcast because I feel a stronger connection to the conversation if I can actually see the conversation.

Tiger King - If you’ve been on the internet or seen another human, you know about this.

Barstool Rundown - A satirical, comedic, vulgar, and very very unique take on each day’s events from the common sports fan. The personalities and day-by-day story lines are gold.

Not The Expert (DVSU Dingos) - I’m invested in an NCAA Football video game teambuilder dynasty. Drewski is super entertaining, and I miss sports.

How I’m communicating:

Video Chat Tools - I’ve used FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Amazon Chime to talk to friends back in Seattle. I’m only a Slack away from winning Bingo.

Jackbox Games - Perfect party and remote happy hour game. You can stream over video chat apps like Zoom, or use a gaming live-stream service like Twitch or Mixer.

Other things:

DoorDash - A food delivery service that (like many others) has dropped delivery fees in an effort to support local businesses which are weathering drop-offs in demand.

MLB The Show 20 - We need sports back. I need baseball back.

AirPods (Pro) - My quarantine splurge. I needed better headphones to work from home in peace. I was hard against iPhones when they first came out (I am now a happy iPhone user), and I was also hard against AirPods when they came out (I am now a happy AirPods user). It’s probably best at this point to keep my Mac laptop opinions to myself.

Calm app - This has also been very helpful to stay sane during work from home and quarantine. I started the 7-day free trial, and I’ve been listening to my 10-minute Daily Calms, and Lebron James’ mental fitness course.

Bubly Variety Pack - I just like the bubbly water.

Outdoors - Luckily, I got to Florida at the perfect time. Walks around the neighborhood every few hours during the workday, and/or trying to go on a run has been super rejuvenating during the day.